Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Debate Article #1: Has the UFC Become Too Commercialized?

The premise of this debate: Too many websites have "rules". By rules, I mean that if you disagree with the author of the article, you may/ will be ridiculed, and/ or deleted. You are not truly allowed to express yourself.  Also, it seems as though everyone is supposed to comment within the parameter's of the article itself.

I don't agree with that. I would rather put out a topic, and allow the conversations/ debate that takes place  to be the true entertainment.

The "Rules": There are none.  Say what is on your mind; I encourage it. I do request a certain sense of civility, though. You are not required to agree with anyone (and no one is required to agree with you). Proper grammar is appreciated, however.

Has the UFC Become Too Commercialized?

Here are some things to consider:

-I'll be the first to admit: I am a fanatic where MMA is concerned. Back when the UFC was putting one one show a month, people used to wait with baited breath. Now, with four to five shows a month (not to mention all the "Countdowns", "Primetimes", "MMA Weekly", "TUF's", etc's), it's kind of hard to keep up with everything.

-All of the UFC's fighters are now required to have a Twitter account.

-The "Black and White" commentary that used to take place at the beginning of each PPV went from being completely candid to obviously scripted.

-The "Gladiator" was removed.

-The events that take place on FOX and FUEL feature the "Monday Night Football" theme music and anamatronics (robots).

-"The Ultimate Fighter" has become little more than a marketing platform.

As a fan of the sport, we have all been looking for the UFC (which is the face of MMA) to become more mainstream. Now that it appears to be doing so, I can't help but see the "business" aspect taking over the "sport" aspect.  But isn't that the point?

If we want to see the UFC within the ranks of the NFL, NBA, MLB, shouldn't this be anticipated by the marketing/ promotional machine that is Dana White/ Zuffa?


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