Deep Thoughts

WARNING:  This page has absolutely nothing to do with anything.  Rather, it is a random assortment of the garbage that goes through my head.  Don't blame me; you chose to be here.

(2/9/12) Yesterday, while at Best Buy, I spied a singing Justin Beiber toothbrush. I exclaimed loudly that I needed it. My wife was not amused. She did not appreciate the thought of cleaning molars and bicuspids to the amazing lyrics of "Baby, baby, baby." Consequently, I was forced to share my joy and excitement with the gentleman behind. At first, this mid 50's individual, seemed uncomfortable with the fact that I was speaking to him...but once he found out it was about a Justin Bieber toothbrush, he became very excited...especially about the Justin Beiber part.

(8/28/10) On my "Yahoo local news page" Paris Hilton being arrested on drug charges occupies 4 out of the 10 announcements.  Do everyone a favor and shoot that waste of flesh.  If we did, maybe we as a society could focus on something a little more important, like education reform or Justin Beiber.  Shame, America. Shame.

I hail from the land of Awesome Town; You may call me the mayor.  That's right; I'm the mayor of Awesome Town.

I honestly don't even remember writing the last post.

Battle rapping with a two year old never goes the way you'd think it would.