Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chael Sonnen is at it again

 So, here's the back story:

Leading up to UFC 127, Jorge Rivera made a number of HILARIOUS videos that were meant to get under the skin of Micheal Bisping (said videos are on a previous article.  I highly recommend you check them out.)

Although Bisping claimed that the videos would have no affect on his mindset, he was suitably inflamed at the weigh ins. Bisping got in Rivera's face and even called him a "faggot."  All of this took place on the UFC's dime, as well as being in front of a live crowd and broadcast over the internet.

During the bought, Bisping delivered an obviously intentional (and illegal) knee to the head of a downed Rivera.  At the cessation of the fight, Bisping went to Rivera's corner, hurled insults, then proceeded to spit on the cornermen.  After which, he approached the still dazed Rivera, demanded an apology, then told him to "Go home, Loser."

The fallout has been great, and his behavior has prompted UFC fighters Demian Maia and Vitor Belfort to call Bisping out.  But it also caught the attention of the greatest MMA smack talker of all time:

Chael Sonnen, that kooky little bastard.