Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Best Come From Behind Victories, Ever.

We all love to see them.

Those smashing, come from behind victories that leave us with our jaws open, and exclamations of "did that just happen?" dripping from our lips.  The type of finish that has Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan making such repeated statements as "don't blink!","that's what's so unpredictable about MMA","never leave it in the judges hands", etc., etc.

For your perusal and enjoyment, I've complied a list of the 10 best come from behind victories in MMA. Enjoy.

10.Chris Leben vs Terry Martin- The first in the installment, Terry Martin vs. the "Crippler" was a nasty battle of heavy hitters engaging in a back and forth slugfest. Late in the third round, after being rocked by Martin, Leben came out of now where to drop a nasty right hand to the chin that left Martin on the canvas.

9.Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin- After a near career ending case of Diverticulitis, current (at the time) champ Lesnar faced physical contemporary Carwin.  At the first bell, Carwin came out and landed a number of hard shots, connecting with an uppercut that popped Brock's head up and eventually left him on his back.  Carwin jumped top mount and started raining leather, finishing the round in emphatic (and exhausted) fashion.  At the start of the second, after having received a monstrous beating in the first, Brock secured a head an arm choke, forcing Carwin to tap.

8.Scott Smith vs. Pete Cell- In a competitive back and forth battle, Pete "Drago" Cell hit Scott Smith with a nasty hook to the body, dropping Smith to the canvas. As Cell charged in for the kill, Smith, his arm still curled protectively around his midsection, rocketed himself from the canvas and connected with a right hand to Cell's chin, ending the fight right there.

7.Melvin Manhouf vs Robbie Lawler- Melvin forced Lawler all over the cage, raining vicious strikes and brutalizing leg kicks. After spending spending the majority of the fight on his heels, Lawler landed a brutal left hook directly to Melvin's chin, causing a "falling tree" knockout at 3:33 of the first round.

6.Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan- After being picked apart by Silva, Chonan, as a desperation move, went for and secured a scissor leg sweep. Successful, he immediately transitioned and secured a heel hook, forcing Silva to tap.

5.Todd Duffee vs Mike Russow- Previous owner of the fastest knockout in UFC history (7 seconds), Duffee was a heavily favored and highly anticipated favorite. After dominating the fight for the first two and a half rounds, Russow landed a clean 1-2 that left Duffee on the mat.

4.Fedor vs. Arvlovski- This bout took place as the main event in the now defunct Affliction Fight Club. In the opening round, Arvlovski (clearly the bigger man), looked amazingly light on his feet. Andre was utilizing angles and superior striking to shut down the "Last Emperor". After a front kick pushed Fedor back into the corner, Andre looked to capitalize and launched a flying knee aimed at the mid to upper torso of Fedor. Fedor timed the movement perfectly, and threw a massive overhand right that connected with a concussive crack, leaving the Pitbull "face down, ass up"...and eyes wide open.

3.Scott Smith vs. Cung Le- After being pummeled for two and a half rounds in a variety of ways, the "Comeback Kid" Scott Smith connected with a looping right at the same moment that Cung Le stumbled. The blow connected to Le's temple, dropping him. Smith jumped on top with some ground and pound until being stopped by the official. The loss was the first of Le's professional career.

2.Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen- In a stunning showing, Sonnen did something no one else has been able to do: beat up the champ. After being utterly dominated for four and a half rounds, Silva managed to lock in a triangle choke, forcing Sonnen to tap at the 4:28 mark.

1.Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago- I don't care what you say.  This is the greatest fight ever.  If I can change, and you can change...ANY ONE CAN CHANGE.

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