Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tie: Randy Couture no surprise vs. What the hell did Toney even say?

 Sorry; I didn't know which title I wanted to go with, so I "tied" them.

Despite all the build up and trash talk leading up to this "MMA vs boxing" spectacular, things went exactly as expected.

Couture, smiling widely before the fight even began, shot and secured the takedown within seconds of the bouts opening bell (so much for Toney's self proclaimed take down defense).  Couture quickly and easily moved to full mount, giving Toney a healthy taste of those four ounce gloves, while smothering any sort of offense Toney tried to put togethter.  Still smiling, Randy secured a head and arm choke, forcing Toney to tap.

I wish I could have written something that was more exciting or entertaining, but that's pretty much all that happened.  So instead let's look at another picture of James' big fat belly:

Joe Rogan: Hey, James, now that you have had your ass handed to you, what do you think of mixed martial arts?

 James Toney: flubba. flubba nig, du pog di mona gumi Randy Couture tub big fat belly dooba di. Mcdonald's and cognac.

While some would recommend taking a couple years to really progress in jiu jitsu classes, I would recommend a different class; English as a Second Language.

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  1. Since no one is reading my site yet, i'll just make my own comments. In case anyone is dumbfounded, i'll translate for mr. toney:

    I lost. I lost big. I made a mockery of myself and of boxing. most people feel that boxing and mma can coexist; not me. Randy couture is a hell of a fighter, and he beat my fat ass tonight. Seriously, i'm fat. Now, i think i'll drown myself in my own tears while I drink Cognac and eat a Big Mac.