Sunday, August 29, 2010

Standing corrected; Diaz looks spectacular in victory over Davis

Everyone makes mistakes.

Whether it's a mistake, an action, or a statement, big or small, everyone does it.  But it takes true integrity, sometimes, to step up unprovoked and address that mistake.  Now that I have built myself up...

Nate Diaz has proven me completely and utterly wrong.

Due to my personal experiences with Nate, I will admit that I have a negative view of whatever he does.  I feel that his boxing is over rated, he has no striking power, he has been fed tomato cans and can't win when he faces a step up in competition.

Last night, he proved otherwise.

I could use a scapegoat.  I could go back to my long held and recently written statement that Davis just has a hard time with taller fighters.  But I won't.

Flat out, Diaz looked absolutely amazing.  While I felt that Davis would completely outclass Diaz in the striking department, Diaz proved me wrong.  Not only was his striking exceptional, but he showed the depth of his chin, as Marcus landed any number of very hard left handed shots flush.  While I have never doubted Diaz's heart or willingness to fight, he shut down any other criticism I had.

Diaz, using his reach well, managed to frustrate and shutdown the majority of Davis's striking game, opening up a cut in the first round.  Actually, it wasn't just a cut...

We witness Marcus on his stool after the first round, with his corner telling him not to think about the cut as Tabbs works on it.  We are witness to an inch long, unimpressive cut over Davis's right brow.  At first, I think "well, hell; that's not that bad".  Then we see this gaping, whale's vagina on the rag, laceration open up directly above Davis's right eye.  Apparently the crowd saw it as well, as they roared their horror.

But Davis doesn't know what quitting is.

The ringside physician wanted a last second look at Davis, who coherently stated his case. Yves Lavigne, the official, even defended Davis to the doctor.  But determined or not, Davis had no answer to Diaz's reach and striking, spending the majority of the fight attempting leaping hooks while leading with his chin.

Near the end of the third round Diaz secured the take down and managed to lock in a choke.  Official Yves Lavigne, who gave Marcus every benefit of the doubt, was forced to stop the fight after Davis went completely slack, losing consciousness.  Diaz, all show boating aside, won a hard and deserved victory.

All that being said, I still don't like him.

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