Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shane Carwin Being Federally Investigated For Steroids

On Friday, August 13, Shane Carwin was named in court documents regarding a federal case involving  Applied Pharmacy Services.  These documents listed a number of individuals and athletes that reportedly received performance enhancing drugs/ anabolics from the Alabama based company

The documents stipulated that Carwin, who was listed as "entry 17, S.C.- profesional fighter", recieved trenbolone, testosterone, Stanozolol, and nandrolone during a 2 year period stretching from April of 2004 to August of 2006.

Carwin, who made his pro mma debut in October of 2005, didn't enter the UFC until May 24th of 2008, facing Christian Wellisch at UFC 84.

Neither Carwin nor his camp have made any comment at this time.

So what are the facts?
-"S.C.- professional fighter" could mean anyone.
-The possesion/ intent to distribute PED is illegal. Having them in your system is not.
- The dated usage took place before Shane entered the UFC.
-Shane has not tested positive for PED's while in the UFC.

What are the repurcussions?
-The UFC has shown a "no favortism/ preferential treatment" policy regarding PED's. Witness light weight champ Sean Sherk, season 1 "TUF" member Chris Leben, and Hermes Franca. If nothing else, Carwin has now been red flagged.

The reality?
-Any number of fighters, pro athletes, and average joe's use anabolics.
-If used and cycled correctly, most PED's will leave no trace in a piss test.
- What about HGH? (human growth hormone) This accomplishes much the same thing as PED's, but can not be traced since it is a naturally occuring hormone in the human body.

Maybe he did it, maybe he didn't. I smoked pot,once, back in high school. Doesn't make me a pot head now. I personally will take Carwin on good faith.

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