Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KJ Noons vs Nick Diaz rematch set!

For those of you who don't know, back in November of 2007, Nick Diaz met KJ noons under the EliteXC banner.  The fight saw the always aggresive Diaz pummeled and battered by the incredibly effective striking of Noons.  Diaz  shrugged of the barrage of leather artillery thrown his way, but was cut badly in a number of places around his eyes.  These cuts forced a doctor stoppage.

The ultra competative and always game Diaz disagreed with the stoppage so vehemently that it led to one of the more memorable exits from the ring: Diaz storming out before the announcement and give the double fingered salute to any and all who were watching.

Now, fast forward to Hawaii, 2008, where Diaz and Noons both took home wins on the same card...

After KJ's win, Nick climbed into the cage, went face to face with Noons, and asked for a rematch, stating the now infamous "Don't be scared, Homie".  The debacle nearly came to blows, and the animosity has been building since.  Noons has been quoted as saying:

"Nick has no class, he's a bum, a piece of shit and he and his team disrespected my family and I with their gestures and trash talk and tried to upstage my fight". (Editors note: I claim no responsability for grammatical or punctuation errors in this statement).

As for Nick having no class, my opinion varies.  Diaz, who is a good friend of one of my old trainer's, Kit Cope, came into our gym occasionally.  Regardless of how tough/ aggresive he may be where a fight is concerned, Nick was always very humble, outgoing, and (surprisingly) laid back.  I mean, it's not like he ever shinned an opponent in the face while he was laying on the ground ( this is a reference to last weeks Strike Force event, where KJ Noons soccer kicked a downed Jorge Gurgel in the face).

Currently, Nick is running on a 7 fight win streak. Noons (currently 10-2) hasn't lost since Febuary of 2007 against "Crazy Horse" Bennett.

This fight could go either way, as it is a match up of styles.  The ground goes to Diaz and the stand up to Noons (although Nick has proven effective and frustrating with his boxing.

I simply wonder who would win in a fight between Diaz's satyr like goatee and Noons' Hasselhoff hair.

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