Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gabe Ruediger: Joe Lauzon is a kid that hasn't been through hardship

During an interview with, Gabe Reudiger had a number of things to say regarding a number of different things.

For those that don't know, Gabe is infamous for his 3 week stint on The Ultimate Fighter, where he came in 20 pounds overweight, ate cake, shoved a colonic tube up his ass during his weight cut, and was then kicked off the show.  Gabe blames all of his issues and short comings on his home gym being a bad place for where he was at mentally at the time. (See the article for the full story).

In regards to his opinion on soon to be opponent Joe Lauzon (8-2 in his last 10 fights), Gabe had this to say:

"Earlier you referred to Joe as a “kid”. Do you feel that there is a maturity gap between the two of you?
Absolutely. He lives with his parents. I left home when I was seventeen. He lives with his parents and plays X-box all day. I don’t own a TV. All I do is worry about training. I don’t think he’s dealt with the hardship I have whether its life or the show. Maybe one time his mom decreased his allowance but other than that I don’t think he’s had to deal with any difficulty."  The previous is courtesy of

Gabe also stated that he was better than Lauzon on the ground, stating that he "owned him in the house (TUF house)".  He also made mention of Lauzon letting his fame go to his head.

Gabe, are you out of your mind?  You are downplaying some one that has had a successful career in the world's largest MMA organization, while you have been fighting in what could effectively be considered MMA sideshows.

Gabe talks about all the holes in Joe's game, citing his own 6 fight win streak in the process. I feel the need to point out that Gabe's 6 fight win streak is against a bunch of "no names".  He also "forgets" to mention that before his 6 fight win streak he dropped two in a row, once again to "no names".

Yes, Joe lost his last fight to Sam Stout, but it was after a year long lay off due to a knee injury.  Ring rust is a very real thing, and to step back in against Stout is a large bill to fill.  The fact that Joe decided to leave a comfortable career as an accountant represent his success as a mixed martial artist (Gabe, what do you do again?)

Comparatively,  records are the same: Lauzon is 18-5(8-2 in the last ten), and Gabe is 17-5(7-3 in the last ten).  The level of competition is the difference.

I hope you are limber, Gabe; you might just have to tuck your tail between your legs as you walk your fat ass out of the UFC for the second time.

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